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Chryssa Papanikolaou

Papanikolaou Chryssa is a graduate of the Faculty of English Studies, University of Athens and holds an MA degree in Applied Linguistics from the same faculty. The title of her MA Thesis is «Integrating the European Language Portfolio in Greek primary schools: Issues and possibilities». She has completed a yearly specialization in Special Education offered by the Faculty of Primary Education in the University of Athens. During her studies, she has been awarded a scholarship through an exam procedure. Chryssa has been working as an EFL instructor in the private sector with young children and adults since 2006 and in Life-Long Learning Centers since 2010. Her academic interests involve teaching English to young children and adults, students’ assessment, syllabus design anf the use of new technologies in education. She is currently working as a research assistant at the Research Centre for Language Teaching, Testing, and Assessment (RCeL) of the University of Athens and participates in the preparation of the pen & paper and computer-based KPG exams for English. Finally, Chrysa is a KPG oral examiner.


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