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Elisabeth Apostolou

She holds a BA from the Faculty of English Studies of the University of Athens (2004) and an MA in Translation-Translatology from the University of Athens as well (2007). During her post-graduate studies, she participated in the translation of a variety of texts, including economic texts, academic essays focusing on issues related to Translation Theory, and literary texts, such as theatrical plays, novels and narratives. In her dissertation, “Slavery and Black Women Writing.  Harriet Jacobs: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” she studied the issues of gender and diversity in translation. Besides Greek and English, she is also a fluent speaker of Italian. Since 2002 she has taught English in the private sector. Currently, she is working as an assistant researcher at the RCeL. She is also a member of the team that carries out research and prepares the exams in English for the State Certificate of Foreign Language Proficiency (KPG). She is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of English Language and Literature. She is interested in investigating the task difficulty variables influencing candidates’ performance in the listening comprehension exam. Her main supervisor is Ass. Professor K. Karavas and the two other members of her supervising committee are Professor B. Dendrinos and Ass. Professor E. Balassi. She has attended and participated actively in several ELT conferences, seminars and symposia in ELT and language testing, in particular.


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