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Mary Drossou

Μ.Α. in Language and Linguistics (University of York, England), Ph.D. in Sociolinguistics (Faculty of English Language and Literature of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens). She has carried out research in Greece, England and the USA. She has participated in many conferences and symposia held in Greece and abroad and she has served on committees of conferences organized by the Faculty. Since 2002 she lectures at the Faculty of English Language and Literature, where she has also taught as a postgraduate student, a visiting research scholar and as a special collaborator in the Pre-service ELT Teacher-Training Programme of the Department of Language and Linguistics. She has extensive experience in the development and evaluation of teaching materials and educational software for the teaching of English as a foreign language. Her research interests and publications include discourse studies, particularly advertising discourse and she is involved with ELT pedagogy, as well as self-access learning and the use of new technologies in ELT.


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