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Language Rich Europe

Language Rich Europe (henceforth LRE) aims to create an informed dialogue with leaders in government, educational institutions, public services, business and the media across Europe, highlighting the importance of multilingualism in achieving more prosperous and stable societies. It aims to encourage and enable these leaders to take a more strategic approach and increase investment in language education and use of languages across society.

The RCeL is an official dissemination partner of Language Rich Europe. Its role as such is:

  • to assist with the creation of the LRE in Greece,
  • to be a key partner for the LRE index national launch event,
  • to co-host the following 3 workshops:

“Language Education Policy in Greece: Research and Implications”.
“Multilingualism Practices in the Greek Mass Media: Findings and Suggestions”.
- "Multilingualism and Entrepreneurship”.

  • to contribute to the writing of a national action plan with other members of the national network (by January 2013),
  • to participate in international events.

In essence, our contribution is to provide our academic expertise and our network of contacts interested in this field, particularly from the public and the educational sector.


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