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The European Survey on Language Competences 

The European Survey on Language Competences is a major initiative by the European Commission to support the development of language learning policies across Europe. To this effect, it has outlined a detailed strategic approach for the creation of a European Survey on Language Competences. The purpose of the Survey is to provide participating countries with comparable data on foreign language competence and knowledge about good practice in language learning. It has also served as an indicator with which progress towards the objectives of improving foreign language learning is measured. The research was conducted during 2011 and the Final Report with the findings from all paricipating entities was published in 2012. If interested, click here

The RCeL became involved with the project after the data for the Survey had been collected from 112 Greek secondary schools, which provided a sample of 3200 year gymnasium students who were tested in English and French. It was collected by a team which had been appointed at the Pedacogical Institute. Since the RCeL became involved the research staff has taken an active part in SurveyLang meetings and data analysis. The Final National Report, which presents the outcomes of the Survey in Greece, has been completed (click here).


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