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Προβολή νέων


KPG e-school

The KPG website hosts the KPG e-school, which is being developed to provide free-of-charge assistance to teachers and candidates wishing to prepare for the KPG exams.

The KPG e-school will be of interest to:

  • School students, individuals (children and adults) taking lessons in private language schools and, generally, candidates wishing to prepare for the KPG exams on their own.
  • Foreign language teachers working in the private or public sector, who wish to prepare their students for the KPG exams.
  • KPG assessors (oral examiners and script raters) or teachers interested in being involved as assessors in the KPG exams,
  • Parents and guardians seeking valid and reliable information in order to form an opinion about the certification exams.
  • Anyone interested in the KPG e-tests, which are going to be piloted for the first time in 2013.