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Edited by Kia Karavas, University of Athens
RCeL Handbooks, University of Athens 
The book is distributed free of charge to Mentor teachers of our students in training.
It will also be available in electronic form.

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Mentoring Student Teachers of English: A Handbook is addressed and dedicated to all EFL mentor teachers who have supervised student teachers from the Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Athens. The Handbook brings together and expands on the work carried out within the context of the Mentor Education and Training programme implemented within Teaching Practice in TEFL course, and funded by the Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training. The aim of the programme, which started in 2006 and was awarded the 2006 European Language Label Award, was to train as Mentors the English language teachers who supervised our students during their practice teaching in schools and to develop accompanying mentor training materials. This Handbook is thus a further step in this direction. 
The Handbook will be of interest not only to the Mentor teachers with whom the Faculty of English Studies has cooperated for several years but also to every teaching professional interested in guiding teachers to be. It may also be of help to young colleagues, contributing to their professional development. 
Specifically, the Handbook which contains eleven chapters aims:

  • To develop Mentor teachers’ understanding of the academic, professional and social needs of EFL student teachers

  • To develop a deeper understanding of the importance and contribution a Mentor can make to the professional development of student teachers

  • To develop an understanding of mentoring practices and what they entail

  • To develop Mentors’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities during teaching practice

  • To provide an overview of the mentoring literature.