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Edited by Kia Karavas, University of Athens
RCeL Publications, University of Athens 
2009 - 176 pages 
The book is distributed free of charge to KPG Examiners
It will also be available in electronic form
Paperback. ISBN 978-960-98961-0-8

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The KPG Speaking Test in English: A Handbook brings together the work carried out for the last five years when training Examiners and it is intended to be used by them as a reference book. However, the Handbook may also be of interest to EFL teachers, course designers, materials developers and professionals preparing candidates for the KPG exams in English or even in other languages. 
The Handbook consists of four chapters. Chapter 1 aims at elucidating the view of language that the KPG exams adhere to. As such, it discusses the main principles of a functional view of language, and how these are reflected in the speaking tasks and the criteria for assessment. Chapter 2 presents the format of the KPG speaking test from A1 to C2 level of performance. The structure, content and the distinct features of the speaking test for each level are discussed separately with examples. Chapter 3 focuses on procedure (i.e., how the test for each level is to be conducted), making it clear that the validity of the test and the reliability of marking depend largely on whether or not the Examiner abides by the speaking test guidelines and recommendations. Finally, Chapter 4 focuses on the assessment criteria and the rating grids for each level of performance. Its purpose is to present and account for the assessment criteria, explain their underlying rationale and discuss how they should be applied. Practice activities focusing on the application of the assessment criteria are included, accompanied by videos of simulated speaking tests.