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EYL research

Within the framework of the “English for Young Learners” project, which has involved the introduction of an English language teaching programme to first and second grade pupils in 900 primary schools around the country, several studies are being conducted. The aim of this experimental project’s studies is dual:

1. To monitor the project through collecting information about:
(a) the school environment in which the programme is being implemented
(b) the English teachers who were required to teach first and second grade classes
(c) the School Advisors for English who were responsible for overseeing and facilitating the teachers’ work
(d) the pupils’ parents (their attitudes about the introduction of English in school at an early age).

2. To progressively evaluate the effectiveness of the programme as a whole, and more specifically to evaluate the appropriateness and quality
(a) of the curriculum
(b) of the teaching materials developed especially for this purpose
(c) of teachers’ classroom practices

As the aforementioned studies are being completed, reports are being prepared (in Greek), discussing quantitative and qualitative results, as well as implications of the findings.  These reports will soon all be uploaded at: http://rcel.enl.uoa.gr/peap (research and publications) with abstracts in English.