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The inter rater reliability project

The on-going study on inter-rater reliability (i.e., agreement between raters on scores assigned to papers) in the KPG script rating process is carried out as a means of investigating the effectiveness of the instruments subservient to the process employed by the KPG test developers. These instruments are: a) the rating grid together with the assessment criteria, b) the script raters training material and training seminars and c) the on-the-spot consultancy to the raters by KPG experts and test developers. The aim of the particular project is to look into the factors affecting the rating process in the specific situation and examine the extent to which these factors contribute to higher inter-rater reliability. The data consists of the marks given by different raters to A1+A2, B1, B2 and C1 level scripts of candidates who have taken the KPG exam in English and is being obtained at the Athens Script Rating Centre.


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