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Copyright and disclaimer

The Research Centre for Language, Teaching, Testing and Assessment (RCeL) makes allreasonable efforts to ensure that the contents of all its websites are accurate and up-to-date. The RCeL would appreciate it if users would report any mistakes or inaccuracies they might find. To report them, please e-mail the Web Editorial Team, at rcel[at]enl.uoa[dot]gr.

Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, all text, images, design and other content is copyright © RCeL and all rights are reserved, although individuals may download, retain andcopy website content for their personal use only. Requests for any other reproduction of website content should be made to the Web Editorial Team, at rcel[at]enl.uoa[dot]gr

Linking or extracting material from the webpages of the RCeL website

RCeL encourages web authors to link into its website. If an organisation chooses to hold information about or links to RCeL webpages, the Centre welcomes such coverage, so longas the information they report is accurate and up to date.

It also welcomes publication of extracts so long as the source clearly stated. However, The RCeL webpages logos, images and extensive quotes should not be taken from the RCeL website or its webpages without explicit permission. If in doubt, contact the Web EditorialTeam,  rcel[at]enl.uoa[dot]gr.